About Nitrile Gloves
Our mission is to get your organization the PPE it needs.
Whether by manufacture, sourcing or direct delivery – we get you what you need when you need it.

We shy away from “On the Ground” (OTG) known as “spot buys” for gloves or searching for OTG deals.

There are many rumors about large lots of gloves being available. You may get emails or phone calls from uninformed people that they have Cardinal, Cranberry and 3M gloves OTG. These gloves are available on the ground for incredible prices. All you have to do is put in a PO and make a deposit.

Unfortunately, these stories are just that. Stories. Very few lots are available on the ground.

For many OTG situations, the veracity of quality control in the warehouse, paperwork, SGS reports and lot numbers cannot be verified. Buyers have an expectation they are safer buying gloves already landed than gloves from production. This is not true.

Because of the scarcity of legitimate lots of gloves on the ground, we prefer that our customers pull from our off-shore, ready stock.

Off Shore
Our preferred method of obtaining glove inventory for short-term purchases is Off Shore warehousing. This pool of product consists of already manufactured gloves at warehouses in Southeast Asia. Leveraging this product, we can fly gloves to the airport of your choosing or ship to a port near you.

Our preferred method of providing gloves in a long-term contract is Production. This method is a direct from manufacturer gloves on a scheduled delivery contract. Usually, the gloves are shipped to a port near you.