Concern Over Cyber Threats as Year Ends

Rockville, MD 11/13/2023 – As the year draws to a close, numerous clients have expressed growing concerns regarding cybersecurity. We’re delighted to offer our support in ensuring your security measures are robust, serving not only to safeguard your data and privacy but also to meet insurance requirements effectively.

Our new guide on MSP and Security

Take a look at our concise guide highlighting our cybersecurity solutions and key points from our Managed Service Provider (MSP). Click on the following link to access the information. Cybersecurity as a Service (SECaaS) and our robust MSP systems form the foundation of contemporary computing, enabling seamless work from virtually any location at all times.

Why Do I Need to Protect My Cell Phone?

Wayne Viener, CEO, acknowledges the importance of device security, placing cell phone security on par with PC security. According to Viener, mobile devices are emerging as the next frontier for potential threats.

Mason Viener, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), says the critical issue of data location, emphasizing the vulnerability associated with the abundance of information stored on cell phones. He highlights the constant online connectivity of mobile devices, coupled with a relative lack of protection, as a significant threat to data security.

Mason envisions a shift in the threat landscape once mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, receive the same level of protection as traditional PCs. Securing these devices effectively will likely deter cyber threats, redirecting the focus of malicious actors away from protected devices and towards the multitude of currently exposed devices.

Wayne adds his perspective, noting that nearly every company grapples with various technology challenges. While certain issues are well-recognized, others, like the security of cell phones and tablets, may not be as widely acknowledged. He prompts consideration, asking individuals to contemplate the potential consequences if unauthorized access were gained to their phones – the sensitive data, passwords, and level of access that could be compromised. This highlights the importance of addressing less conspicuous technology vulnerabilities to fortify overall cybersecurity measures.

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