Our mission is to get your organization the PPE it needs.
Whether by manufacture, sourcing or direct delivery – we get you what you need when you need it.

The process can begin with a LOI (Letter of Intent) to purchase products from Viener4Gates. We have attached a sample LOI, please see below.

We ask that potential buyers provide us with a Purchase Order (PO) and a Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) as proof of funds. Upon receipt and verification thereof, we will forward a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) with example pricing and delivery schedule.

Regarding the PO on gloves, (1) we ask clients to provide our team with a price range for purchase and how many boxes of gloves (include sizes) they want delivered in what timeframe and location(s).

(2) The reason we request an PO and BCL before a quote is sent is because we need to engage with multiple factories, distribution centers and logistic companies. At this juncture, we are confirming product, production capacity and market rate for transportation at time of purchase.

Although we have an excellent relationship with those entities (with multiple manufacturing facilities), it is still required that we show that there is a serious purchaser involved in the transaction.

You will receive a proposal. Our team will construct a proposal for the fulfillment of the requested volume of product. The proposal will give a firm price for the duration of the contract and delivery schedule.

Please be aware that extensive work is invested into building a production contract and includes costs associated with man hours and legal fees to generate a SPA.

Note that in many cases, the supplier of gloves remains confidential during the purchasing process.

The balance of the process is detailed below:

SOP (Standard Operating Process)

Direct Delivery (18-25 Days from signed SPA for sea 7-14 Days Via Air)

(*This is not production, we do offer production if you are interested)

  1. Buyer identifies need and minimum/maximum quantity acceptable (per week, month) and target price in a LOI (Letter of Intent). Viener team provides ballpark price based on the identified requirement and provides to buyer.
  2. Please note that we are required to “Know Your Customer” or KYC. We must know who the end buyer is and set up communication link with them. (Viener4Gates can execute the NCNDA prior to this if needed by a buyer’s broker or agent).
  3. NCNDA signed
  4. Proposal offered to buyer.
  5. Manufacturer, timetable and terms agreed upon between buyer and Viener4Gates.
  6. Direct PO and POF is directed to the seller or factory. Financing can be arranged by Viener4Gates on behalf of buyer (if necessary).
  7. IMFPA Document created
  8. Attorney/Banker call is scheduled
  9. SPA provided by seller, buyer reviews; IMFPA executed
  10. Deliveries timeline provided by the seller and are agreed upon by both buyer and seller
  11. SGS, BOL, Airway bill provided
  12. Deliveries begin and funds are released accordingly
  13. All deliveries can be made “contingent on in Person inspection”
  14. Title transfer occurs according to the SPA

LOI (Letter of Intent)