What We Do

Our security strategy is to Prevent, provide Depth, Build and Defend.

When you are under attack (and most systems are under attack all the time) who do you want advising you? Surely not the new kids on the block or a software vendor. You want and need a company that Prevents attacks with Depth, Builds stronger defenses over time and vigilantly Defends you, your data, your customers and your company.

V4G has-

-Disaster recovery experience and investigative know how

-Best in class partnerships and vendor relationships

-A 100% locally based, ready to work around the clock, resource to get your employees back to work in case of attack

The team at Viener4Gates acts as your CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). We have developed and partnered with best-in-class data protection and backup/restore companies that can get you back up and running in a matter of minutes if someone has attacked your network. We constantly scan for issues with leading SEIM artificial intelligence to ID and destroy the virus. Taking the stress off of you by letting our trained and qualified team handle your data.

How “We Make Your Company Safe”

Disaster Prevention

When it comes to security, too many corporations wait until something disastrous happens to make the much-awaited change. Then after 10,000’s of dollars are

spent and a possible criminal investigation they finally decided it is time to take the threat seriously.

That is why it is important to get out in front of the bad guys, plan and implement industry leading training, multi-factor authentication, and Malware Protection. We work with you to prevent disaster by promoting safe workplace IT practices in your company. Viener4Gates knows Data is king; that’s why we make it our goal to help you protect your own data and most importantly your client’s data. That is how we make your company safe!

Disaster Recovery

When worst comes to worst you want the V4G team on your side! The Viener4Gates team brings years of cutting-edge recovery technology to the table. We know how to get you back up in running in as little time as possible with well managed backups that can restore from before the attack while we let our SEIM tools ID the attack and take it out before it can wreak havoc on your system again!

Cyber Insurance + Technology Audits

In the course of business, there is much paperwork to complete for Cyber Insurance purposes. Our team’s background in financial audit lends strength and completeness to your ability to properly complete all the documentation that is needed for insurance and audit purposes.