Viener4Gates and Watchguard Join Forces to Empower Maryland Municipalities at MML Conference

Viener4Gates brings technology to local governments – June 26, 2023 Ocean City Maryland – Viener4Gates, a leading technology company with deep roots in Maryland, recently made a significant impact at the Maryland Municipal League (MML) conference in Ocean City. The conference served as a prime opportunity for Viener4Gates and their IT security partner, Watchguard, to connect with local governments and showcase their expertise. With Mason Viener, Vice President, Wayne Viener, CEO of Viener4Gates, and Jen Grosso-Brown representing Watchguard, the conference became a platform to emphasize the companies’ commitment to empowering Maryland municipalities through innovative technology solutions. Mason said, “this shows our collaborative efforts to meet the evolving technology needs of local governments”.

Viener4Gates, with its longstanding presence in Maryland since its establishment in 1991, has become an integral part of the local business ecosystem. Attending the MML conference allowed the company to strengthen its relationships with Maryland municipalities by engaging in meaningful conversations and demonstrating its understanding of the region’s specific challenges. The presence of Mason Viener and Wayne Viener, key leaders of Viener4Gates, underscored their personal commitment to fostering partnerships and driving technological advancements within Maryland communities.

Viener4Gates, in collaboration with Watchguard, took the opportunity to showcase their wide range of technology solutions tailored to the needs of local governments. With a focus on IT security, Watchguard’s participation added an extra layer of expertise and reassurance to Viener4Gates’ IT security offerings. Together, they highlighted innovative solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by Maryland municipalities, ranging from data protection and network security to streamlining operational processes and enhancing citizen services.

Watchguard and Viener4Gates were happy to meet the local, regional and state level officials. “Being from Maryland, it was great to reconnect with the local communities and get a chance to chat with Governor Moore”, commented Wayne Viener. Mason chimed in “going to an event like this with Watchguard show the level of commitment we have to making organizations work safely and securely every day”. Overall, Viener4Gates solidified its position as a trusted technology partner for Maryland municipalities. Viener4Gates brings technology to local governments.