About Us

Viener4Gates Consulting, incorporated in 1991, delivers best-in-class IT and networking solutions, security solutions, and VOIP telephony solutions. The company, based in Rockville, Maryland has been serving clients in the D.C Metro area and around the globe for the past 30 years. Our team is led by founder and president Wayne R. Viener. Viener Consulting has adapted with the dynamic Information Technology industry and continues to assist clients from small local businesses to multi-national organizations to nationwide franchises.

“We started in 1991, forever ago in the computer world” – Founder Wayne Viener

Our vast experience in all phases of the project lifecycle supports your team in completing complex projects. From conceptualizing and project planning to executing the specific task list for network and security systems deployment, we are support you through the process. The company’s successful history of coordinating with third-party vendors and assuming the support role from previous providers means our staff is also extremely flexible while integrating well with existing resources.

Key to your business success is keeping your business plans aligned with your technology plan. Whether if you are a start-up or an established business, our Tech Support and Support Desk offerings assist you with keeping your business goals on track with great IT support.

Integrating your website, phone system and key line of business systems, like CRM, allow a business to get the most from their efforts. Viener4Gates puts this integrated goal within your reach.

The organization, in addition to Wayne Viener, is headed by the Director of All Things New, Mason A. Viener and Head of Technical Services, Arthur Smith.

To date Viener4Gates has completed thousands of projects and has an excellent track record of completing projects on time and within your budget!

When it comes to Viener Consulting we have one goal “We make your company work!” while delivering best-in-class IT and networking solutions.