Celebree Learning Centers

“We were looking for a partner that had flexibility and could handle everything from direct, complex technical support to advice on web integration. For Celebree, that has been Viener4Gates,” said Chris Kelleher, Director of Franchising.

“We have had great success in overhauling our IT. Viener and team have been there to travel to remote sites, improve Internet security, and help build new locations. The most business-saving activity was when out main office and servers where hit with a crypto virus. Wayne and the team took a hands-on approach and had us running again later the next day. I was impressed,” said Chris.

Mr. Kelleher continues, “From hands-on tech work to CIO level planning, we get that all with Viener4Gates.”

Chris Kelleher Celebree Learning Centers

Red Turtle Productions

“Luis and Wayne (Viener4Gates) do a great job of building and maintaining the Red Turtle owned website. I have worked with other designers and these guys are clearly the best team I have worked with.” – Bruce Posner, President, Red Turtle Productions.

“There were a few things that I needed:

· Ability to self-edit the site

· Post a variety of content

· Works anywhere, all the time. 99.999% uptime

· A group that is willing to proactively recommend changes to the site

The Viener team did all of that and more,” said Bruce.

Terptalk is part of Red Turtle and has been broadcasting and reporting on sports in the DC/Baltimore area and nationally since 2005.

Bruce Posner Red Turtle Productions – Terp Talk

Teti & Carswell

“As our company has grown and technology has changed, the way we work has been altered,” commented Gary Carswell, Partner in Teti & Carswell, CPAs.

“We need a partner in technology that helps us make the software and systems work in our office, from home or a customer site. More of our work is done in the cloud,” continues Gary. “We have Citrix, Office365, scanners, a website, notebooks and smartphones. All of this must work together to have our company run.”

Mr. Carswell sees value in the relationship, “We have had Wayne and his team as our technology resource since 1995. It has been a good move to partner with them.”

Gary Carswell Teti & Carswell


“In the wild world of Branding and Marketing, we often need to change things on the fly. Email accounts, website tweaks or a full-on tech emergency. You never know what deadline or issue is going to come up,” says Hilarie Viener, Founder Viener&Partners.

“Although we are a sister company to Viener Consulting and 4Gates, we can choose any tech company to work with. We choose Viener Consulting because they offer great support and a personal touch. The team cares about us winning work and having happy people,” continues Hilarie.

“Having support that is easy to work with and that gets the job done in-person, over the phone or in a screen-share makes sure that we can work wherever the business takes us,” Ms. Viener concludes.

Hilarie Viener Viener&Partners