What We Do

Viener4Gates is a long-standing, decorated NCR partner for both software and hardware.

Our team has been providing corporate level point of sale, inventory and e-commerce systems for decades.

Along with great products, the V4G team has the knowledge, strategies, pre-sales and implementation processes to make sure you get the most out of your system. All of that know-how is backed by industry leading technical support.

CouterPoint is the leader in retail software with:
· A proven track record of success
· The best products backed and created with years of QA and RD
· Flexible reports that will illuminate the path to making more money

CounterPoint is a product that Viener4Gates has supported since it was first released way back in 1994. As one of the only certified NCR CounterPoint consultants in the nation, V4G and NCR are well-positioned and experienced support your sales system needs!

Inventory Management

Data-driven price rules let you quickly set up promotions or contract pricing, while forecasting tools help you maintain ideal stocking levels and control your inventory costs. Set alerts when stock gets low to keep your hot items on the shelves.

NCR Counterpoint allows your normal POS functions such as sales, returns, orders, and layaways with a configurable touchscreen interface. Leverage a tailored POS to fit your business and streamline operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits with NCR.

Smart Purchasing

Manage vendor items, costs, and lead times. Automatically create purchase orders for preferred vendors or the vendors with the lowest costs. NCR Counterpoint allows you to receive merchandise with or without a purchase order and automatically transfer the proper quantities to other retail locations or warehouses. You can even set prices as you receive items, based on target margins you define. Use NCR’s Smart Purchasing to lower the costs of running your business.

Secure Access

Multiple levels of security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 2.0 compliance make our retail POS solution the most secure environment for your data. Protect your system using Windows or SQL authentication and make your password policy PCI-compliant with a single click.

Viener4Gates a proud NCR Counterpoint partner supports and installs best in class point of sale stations helping your business become more profitable with software and consultants you can trust!

Work Anywhere, all the time

We offer both cloud hosting and on-premises system setup. Use a traditional POS or take advantage of using iPads or tablets as sales stations.

Integrated payment systems accept all forms of payment, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and more.

Fully integrated e-commerce with your brick and mortar locations. Know where your inventory is and what your sales are across your entire business with NCR.

NCR and V4G “make your retail and online sales operations work”.