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Work From Anywhere

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Your workspace powered by VOIP?

Hybrid work is an environment where your business systems work seamlessly between your office and wherever you’re working from. This means you can leverage Voice Over IP (VOIP) take work calls and access the internal network from anywhere. Your office is wherever you are.

How do I accommodate a Hybrid Workspace?

Ask for our Hybrid workspace assessment so that we can review your current work structure and recommend changes to enable your company to succeed in a work from anywhere environment.
Keep your employees who want to work from home plus those that are coming into the office.
Psssst! The hybrid work assessment is free!

Why is a is a VOIP system right for my company?

Hybrid work with a strong VOIP system raises employee satisfaction and retention. Productivity gains are made by having the “phone” system available from your PC or smartphone. Being able to access all the features from a handy web portal and to be able to make changes to the system on the fly.

It all reduces the stress and bother of dealing with your traditional phone system.

What you don’t know, we do!

We’ve curated world-class systems that integrate seamlessly.

We know it’s hard to find strong and interconnected VOIP systems that play well with your existing software. The good news is we have done the heavy lifting for you. We are ready to help your company today.

On top of that, the Viener4Gates team is available to help you. We can come meet with you and solve issues in person. Old-style tech support with state of the art VoIP telephone systems. A winning combination.

Your employees are going to quit if they can’t work from home!

That might be a little overstated, but not by much. There is societal pressure to offer hybrid work options, With the changing times, employees are looking to remain at a work from home setting and possibly work from anywhere.

This means a business needs to adapt to retain its workforce and attract new talent. Let us help you design the most effective VOIP work environment to increase business productivity and keep your employees.

Our Nextiva VoIP offerings allow you to have the best of both worlds. A strong, reliable presence in the office and the flexibility to share that experience with those that work outside of the office.