CISO Services – Fractional CIO Services

What We Do – Build a cost effective, adaptive and expert team with you

Choosing a Chief Information Security Officer can be tough especially for a small to mid-size business. That is why we started our CISO services, led by our founder Wayne R. Viener, CPA.

CISO Services with V4G are-

Cost effective– instead of hiring a full tine resource you get the same level of service for a fraction of the price.

Expertise– Viener4Gates history of support, security, planning and execution across the market keeps us up to date in real life business situations with all the newest tech and the latest threats.

Adaptive– We know how to make your company compliant. Whether that’s NIST 9000, HIPAA regulations, or just best practices.

How “We Make Your Company Work” – Oversight, Guidance and more for your IT + Security

IT Oversight – improve leadership and know how

Is your current “IT guy” lacking leadership and guidance to figure out the root of your issues. We provide directional oversight to your current team to increase productivity and save you money. More importantly, we bring together your IT plan and your business plan.

According to Gartner, CISO are integral to success of modern businesses.

Corporate Guidance

As your company grows, often the thing that gets overlooked is the need to support more devices or expand your current network and security. We help you plan for what is now and what is next for your business providing best in class hardware from Watchguard, Netiva, Samsung and others. Handle your “today” along with your future with cost effective processes to handle your most pressing issues.

IT Budget Support and Planning

Predicting costs can be one of the most challenging parts of maintaining a healthy IT department. Viener4Gates (V4G) supports local company’s and nationwide franchises plan and execute IT budgets while adding years of experience and insight to save you money.

Helpdesk Management

Get your helpdesk under control! Every ticket is handled to make sure your company is ready to work. Our veteran staff manages tickets to reduce your overall stress level in the workplace. Don’t let tech issues slow you down and stop you from making money. Call Viener4Gates today.