Celebree to provide childcare at Amazon’s New Headquarters

Amazon selects Celebree for new National Landing site is the Best Thing I Saw This Week

Congratulations to Kate and Brian Mulcahy, as they represent Celebree’s new location at National Landing and teaming with Amazon’s new east coast headquarters.  Kate and Brian are clients of Viener4Gates and friends of the firm.

Mason Viener said it best, “Kate + Brian try really hard to do things right.  They go the extra mile to make sure their school is as perfect as it can be.”  Dedication like that to the Celebree brand and to the families that they serve make them an excellent fit for the Amazon model.  The Mulcahy’s already operate a very successful Celebree in Tysons Corner, VA. 

From a recent Celebree new location

For our IT partners who know about Viener’s work with Celebree, in IT, strategy and fit out of all the new Celebree locations, we get messages like the one below from the team at ChildCare CRM-

…I did some google searching after our call. Found this article, so cool! Congrats on this, amazing to see the Celebree brand grow in this direction and we’re proud to support y’all.

Check out the Amazon article in the link here –


Throughout the 30+ years Viener Consulting has been in business; we have had the chance to work with some big brands doing big things.  Some our clients have crossed the billion-dollar mark in revenue while others have participated in the largest construction projects on earth. 

Working with a growing franchise group like Celebree daily as the CIO and along with Mason (code named “The Director of All Things New” because he is always working on a new project and improving the technology used) we get to see great personal stories of success along with the corporate tale of growth. 

Celebree is a great brand doing great things.  Seeing the people you partner with and support succeed is one of the most rewarding parts of our work. Seeing “Amazon selects Celebree for new National Landing site” as headline is a proud moment for us all.

Wayne Viener is the fractional CIO and CSO for Celebree Schools