Happy 50th to the Babe Ruth Museum

The Babe Ruth Museum’s 50th-anniversary gala was held at Cured 18th and 21st in Columbia, MD, on January 29, 2024.  It was a memorable event with notable guests such as Governor Bob Ehrlich, Hall of Fame Basketball coach Gary Williams, Baltimore sports personality Scott Garceau, Janet Marie Smith of the Dodgers and Jermain Lewis, former Terp + Raven added prestige to the occasion.

It was a great night in Columbia, Gary Williams + Scott Garceau

The event was sponsored by Rick Jaklitsch of The Jaklitsch Law Group and Wayne Viener of Viener4Gates Consulting. Their support underscores the importance of preserving sports history and its impact on education, particularly for children.

Wayne Viener said “Viener4Gates Consulting’s commitment to supporting organizations that contribute to the community, coupled with the acknowledgment of the significance of sports in American culture, reflects a shared understanding of the role sports play in shaping our collective identity. Contributions from businesses like theirs not only help celebrate achievements but also contribute to the educational and cultural enrichment of the community.”

The Babe Ruth Museum, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth, showcased exhibits, memorabilia, and historical artifacts during the celebration. Events like these play a crucial role in honoring the contributions of sports figures and in bringing together communities and enthusiasts to celebrate a shared passion for sports history.


Viener4Gates Appoints Mason Viener as Chief Operating Officer

[Rockville, MD – 1/01/2024] – Viener4Gates is thrilled to announce the promotion of Mason Viener to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO). Formerly serving as Vice President, Mason’s dedication and outstanding leadership have played a pivotal role in propelling Viener4Gates and its clientele toward unprecedented success.  Mr. Viener will ascend to the role beginning January 1st, 2024. 

As the newly appointed COO, Mason Viener will spearhead operational strategies and initiatives, ensuring seamless business processes and fostering continued growth for Viener4Gates. His proven track record of exceptional leadership has earned him the respect and admiration of both colleagues and customers.

Mason, the 22-year-old rising star at Viener4Gates, expressed his gratitude for the tremendous opportunity as the COO.  “This is a great opportunity, and I want to express my sincere gratitude to our clients and partners who have placed their trust in me and our team to execute their projects,” said Mason. “I look forward to many more successful projects over the years.”

Wayne Viener, the CEO and Founder of Viener4Gates highlighted the pivotal role Mason has played in enhancing the efficiency of the company’s clientele.  “Mason has done an exemplary job of enabling our customers to work better, faster, and smarter,” stated Wayne Viener. “His vision for what the proper technology can do to transform a business is superb.”

Connie Beach, Manager at Viener4Gates, expressed her confidence in Mason’s capabilities, stating, “Mason has consistently demonstrated extraordinary leadership abilities, steering Viener4Gates and our valued customers towards greater success. His promotion to Chief Operating Officer is a testament to his dedication and strategic vision.”

Mason Viener’s elevation to the position of COO reflects Viener4Gates’ commitment to recognizing and nurturing top talent within the organization. With this strategic appointment, Viener4Gates is poised for continued innovation and excellence in the dynamic landscape of the IT industry.


Washington DC, December 5, 2023 – Viener4Gates, a leading organization in corporate social responsibility, proudly announces its continued sponsorship of the Children’s National tree lighting event, held annually at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. The initiative was spearheaded by Viener4Gates Chief Operating Officer, Mason Viener.

L to R, Brian + Kate Mulcahy, Richie Huffman, Sam Commodari, Mason Viener

The Children’s National Hospital of the Capital Area holds a special place in Viener4Gates’ philanthropic efforts, and the annual tree lighting event serves as a key platform for fundraising and awareness.

Mason Viener, COO of Viener4Gates, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “We recognize the immense importance of supporting children’s causes, and one of the more noteworthy efforts in our community is that of the Children’s National Hospital. The annual tree lighting event not only spreads festive cheer but also contributes significantly to the hospital’s ongoing mission to provide essential care and support to children in need.”

The Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown was once again the backdrop for this heartwarming event, creating a festive atmosphere that brings together the community in the spirit of giving. Viener4Gates’ sponsorship is instrumental in making this event a success, reinforcing the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Through its involvement in the Children’s National Hospital tree lighting event, Viener4Gates aims to inspire other organizations to participate in and support important causes that make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families in the National Capital Area.

The Viener team traces its involvement with Children’s Hospital to the efforts of Kate Mulcahy (Celebree of Tysons Jones Branch + National Landing) who is a member of the founder’s auxiliary board of the hospital.  According to Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener, “Kate has worked to build the donor base for the hospital and involve like minded community leaders to participate in the event.”

Viener4Gates, along with its partner firm Celebree, and its dedicated team, are proud to contribute to the success of this event. We look to continue to be a beacon of hope for the Children’s Hospital and the broader Washington DC community.

About Children’s National – Children’s National Hospital is ranked #5 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. We’re ranked in all 10 specialties, and we’re ranked best in the Mid-Atlantic for neonatologycancer, and neurology and neurosurgery. What’s more, we ranked in all 10 specialties, with top 10 honors in neurology and neurosurgery, cancer, nephrologyorthopaedicspulmonology and lung surgery, and diabetes and endocrinology. This recognition of our commitment to bringing health and well-being to all children continues to inspire our teams..

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Kelly Nugent, who is joining us as our Account Executive. With a distinguished and successful history of enhancing customer businesses, Kelly brings a wealth of experience to our organization.

In Kelly’s own words, “I am here to solve customer issues, which is the primary role of the Account Executive at Viener.” This commitment aligns perfectly with our values and mission.

Wayne Viener, founder of our firm, expressed his excitement, stating, “Kelly knows everyone. It’s amazing the reach that he has. We are pleased that he chose to join our group, and he is already proving to be a valuable resource.”

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Kelly as we look forward to achieving new milestones together. Kelly’s expertise and network are sure to be instrumental in our continued success.

Rockville, MD 11/13/2023 – As the year draws to a close, numerous clients have expressed growing concerns regarding cybersecurity. We’re delighted to offer our support in ensuring your security measures are robust, serving not only to safeguard your data and privacy but also to meet insurance requirements effectively.

Our new guide on MSP and Security

Take a look at our concise guide highlighting our cybersecurity solutions and key points from our Managed Service Provider (MSP). Click on the following link to access the information. Cybersecurity as a Service (SECaaS) and our robust MSP systems form the foundation of contemporary computing, enabling seamless work from virtually any location at all times.

Why Do I Need to Protect My Cell Phone?

Wayne Viener, CEO, acknowledges the importance of device security, placing cell phone security on par with PC security. According to Viener, mobile devices are emerging as the next frontier for potential threats.

Mason Viener, our Chief Operating Officer (COO), says the critical issue of data location, emphasizing the vulnerability associated with the abundance of information stored on cell phones. He highlights the constant online connectivity of mobile devices, coupled with a relative lack of protection, as a significant threat to data security.

Mason envisions a shift in the threat landscape once mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, receive the same level of protection as traditional PCs. Securing these devices effectively will likely deter cyber threats, redirecting the focus of malicious actors away from protected devices and towards the multitude of currently exposed devices.

Wayne adds his perspective, noting that nearly every company grapples with various technology challenges. While certain issues are well-recognized, others, like the security of cell phones and tablets, may not be as widely acknowledged. He prompts consideration, asking individuals to contemplate the potential consequences if unauthorized access were gained to their phones – the sensitive data, passwords, and level of access that could be compromised. This highlights the importance of addressing less conspicuous technology vulnerabilities to fortify overall cybersecurity measures.

Viener4Gates has been helping companies with their technology challenges since 1991.  Our motto is the “make your company work” by providing great service and products.  Call Viener4gates at 301.251.2900 or email sales@viener4gates to learn more. 

Mason Viener, the driving force behind Viener4Gate philanthropic efforts, has spearheaded a remarkable fundraising campaign in support of MedStar Health’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The annual event, held at The Links at Challendon in Mount Airy, MD, has become a cornerstone of community support, thanks to the unwavering commitment of Celebree team along with Viener4Gates.

Mason Viener, emphasized the significance of community involvement, stating, “Supporting MedStar Health’s new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has become a central focus of our annual charitable initiatives. Working hand in hand with our valued partner, Celebree, we have witnessed a consistent increase in the funds donated each year, underscoring the generosity of our community.”

Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener expressed his enthusiasm, affirming, “We take immense pride in being an integral part of this compassionate community. Our journey began with Celebree and Richie Huffman, and the cohesive team supporting Celebree has laid the foundation for these impactful charitable activities.”

The fundraising event, a tradition held at The Links at Challendon in Mount Airy, MD, has evolved into a significant platform for philanthropy. The picturesque setting enhances the spirit of giving, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Sept 15, 2023 – Our partner Celebree held the groundbreaking ceremony at their new corporate home near White Marsh, Maryland on Friday.  The construction is well underway. 

The new building is the future home of Huffman Family Brands which is comprised of Celebree Schools, the Celebree Enterprise (franchise), Caliday (before + after school care) and the Huffman Family Foundation.

Wayne Viener + Arthur Smith

Celebree CEO Richard Huffman characterized the event as a homecoming for him as he grew up in the Perry Hall area and attended high school there as well.  The new HQ is approximately 10 miles northeast of the current HQ location. 

Wayne Viener, CEO of Viener4Gates and the CIO of Celebree (fractional) said, “this is a tangible sign of the success that the Celebree team has built.  Celebree and Caliday deliver on the promise of a great customer experience and the market has responded.”

Viener4Gates director of technology Arthur Smith commented, “It is always a great day when you are part of this kind of success.  Celebree is a valuable part of many communities. And now there is a new HQ to fuel future growth.”

Viener4Gates offers CIO services, IT management, MSP services and along with structured cabling and light construction management.  Wayne and the Viener4Gates team has been aligned with Celebree for more than 7 years. 

Viener4Gates and Celebree celebrate the Groundbreaking of the Dallas Arts District Location

[Dallas, TX, 7/18/2023] – Viener4Gates and Celebree are thrilled to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the newest Celebree location in the heart of Dallas, TX. This momentous occasion was marked by a gathering at the Dallas Arts District location, where Franchisees Jeff and Mindi McClure hosted esteemed guests along with the corporate Celebree management and Viener4Gates IT team. 

From L to R – Arthur Smith, Mindi McClure + Wayne Viener

“This is going to be a beautiful location.  Being in Dallas and seeing the redevelopment of downtown, especially the Arts District illustrates the foresight of the McClure’s in choosing the Arts District location”, commented Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener.

The event showed an outpouring of enthusiasm, with attendees expressing their excitement for the future of Celebree in Dallas. The partnership between Viener4Gates and Celebree symbolizes a commitment to providing world-class educational services backed by outstanding IT.

Arthur Smith of Viener4Gates added, “Mindi McClure’s vision and dedication have played a pivotal role in bringing Celebree to the vibrant city of Dallas, providing a great space for learning, and growth.  This is going to be a flagship location for Celebree and a strong announcement that the Celebree brand is in Texas.”

Mindi McClure

“Congratulations to all involved in making this dream a reality,” said Mason Viener, Senior Vice President at Viener4Gates. “We are delighted to partner with Celebree in bringing their exceptional brand and services to Dallas, and we look forward to empowering families and children in this remarkable community.”

For more information about Celebree’s services and the new Dallas location, please visit us here.


Many companies think that it is just enough to have insurance coverage for cyber incidents in case of emergency. There is more to getting your defenses in proper shape to face the threats.

In today’s digitally-driven world, businesses face a growing threat from cyber incidents. From data breaches and hacking attempts to social media blunders, the consequences of these incidents can be devastating. That’s where insurance coverage for cyber incidents comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key aspects of insurance coverage, including cyber liability, media liability, PCI fines and assessments, and management liability, to help you understand how to safeguard your business against financial loss and reputational damage.

Viener4Gates is here to help you navigate through these threats. If you have questions, please ask us.

  1. Cyber Liability Insurance:

Cyber liability insurance is designed to protect businesses from the financial burden caused by cyber attacks and data breaches. It covers expenses such as legal fees, notification costs, forensic investigations, and even potential third-party claims. Having this coverage ensures that your business can respond swiftly and effectively to a cyber incident without bearing the full financial brunt.

  1. Media Liability Insurance:

In today’s digital age, businesses are heavily reliant on social media platforms and online advertising. However, a simple mistake or an unintentional violation of copyright laws can lead to costly legal battles. Media liability insurance provides coverage for claims arising from defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, and privacy violations. It acts as a safeguard against reputational damage and protects your business from potential lawsuits.

  1. PCI Fines and Assessments:

If your business handles credit card information, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is crucial. In the event of a data breach or non-compliance, your business may face hefty fines and assessments. Insurance coverage for PCI fines and assessments helps mitigate these financial burdens, ensuring that you can recover and resume operations swiftly.

  1. Management Liability for Cyber Incidents:

Management liability insurance covers the legal costs associated with claims against directors and officers of a company due to their alleged negligence or failure to prevent a cyber incident. It protects individuals in positions of authority within your organization and provides financial security for your management team during an incident.


In an era where cyber incidents can cripple businesses and tarnish their reputation overnight, having comprehensive insurance coverage is more important than ever. Cyber liability, media liability, PCI fines and assessments, and management liability insurance offer crucial financial protection against the unforeseen consequences of cyber attacks and data breaches. By investing in these coverage options, you can safeguard your business’s financial health and reputation, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing and thriving in the digital landscape.

Remember, the best approach is to consult with an insurance professional who specializes in cyber insurance to assess your specific needs and tailor a policy that provides optimal coverage for your business. Viener4Gates teams with these professionals to provide you with a comprehensive solution. You need cyber security training, cyber defense products and solid insurance to defend your company.

Viener4Gates brings technology to local governments – June 26, 2023 Ocean City Maryland – Viener4Gates, a leading technology company with deep roots in Maryland, recently made a significant impact at the Maryland Municipal League (MML) conference in Ocean City. The conference served as a prime opportunity for Viener4Gates and their IT security partner, Watchguard, to connect with local governments and showcase their expertise. With Mason Viener, Vice President, Wayne Viener, CEO of Viener4Gates, and Jen Grosso-Brown representing Watchguard, the conference became a platform to emphasize the companies’ commitment to empowering Maryland municipalities through innovative technology solutions. Mason said, “this shows our collaborative efforts to meet the evolving technology needs of local governments”.

Viener4Gates, with its longstanding presence in Maryland since its establishment in 1991, has become an integral part of the local business ecosystem. Attending the MML conference allowed the company to strengthen its relationships with Maryland municipalities by engaging in meaningful conversations and demonstrating its understanding of the region’s specific challenges. The presence of Mason Viener and Wayne Viener, key leaders of Viener4Gates, underscored their personal commitment to fostering partnerships and driving technological advancements within Maryland communities.

Viener4Gates, in collaboration with Watchguard, took the opportunity to showcase their wide range of technology solutions tailored to the needs of local governments. With a focus on IT security, Watchguard’s participation added an extra layer of expertise and reassurance to Viener4Gates’ IT security offerings. Together, they highlighted innovative solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by Maryland municipalities, ranging from data protection and network security to streamlining operational processes and enhancing citizen services.

Watchguard and Viener4Gates were happy to meet the local, regional and state level officials. “Being from Maryland, it was great to reconnect with the local communities and get a chance to chat with Governor Moore”, commented Wayne Viener. Mason chimed in “going to an event like this with Watchguard show the level of commitment we have to making organizations work safely and securely every day”. Overall, Viener4Gates solidified its position as a trusted technology partner for Maryland municipalities. Viener4Gates brings technology to local governments.