Celebree Breaks Ground on HQ2

Sept 15, 2023 – Our partner Celebree held the groundbreaking ceremony at their new corporate home near White Marsh, Maryland on Friday.  The construction is well underway. 

The new building is the future home of Huffman Family Brands which is comprised of Celebree Schools, the Celebree Enterprise (franchise), Caliday (before + after school care) and the Huffman Family Foundation.

Wayne Viener + Arthur Smith

Celebree CEO Richard Huffman characterized the event as a homecoming for him as he grew up in the Perry Hall area and attended high school there as well.  The new HQ is approximately 10 miles northeast of the current HQ location. 

Wayne Viener, CEO of Viener4Gates and the CIO of Celebree (fractional) said, “this is a tangible sign of the success that the Celebree team has built.  Celebree and Caliday deliver on the promise of a great customer experience and the market has responded.”

Viener4Gates director of technology Arthur Smith commented, “It is always a great day when you are part of this kind of success.  Celebree is a valuable part of many communities. And now there is a new HQ to fuel future growth.”

Viener4Gates offers CIO services, IT management, MSP services and along with structured cabling and light construction management.  Wayne and the Viener4Gates team has been aligned with Celebree for more than 7 years. 

Viener4Gates and Celebree celebrate the Groundbreaking of the Dallas Arts District Location

[Dallas, TX, 7/18/2023] – Viener4Gates and Celebree are thrilled to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the newest Celebree location in the heart of Dallas, TX. This momentous occasion was marked by a gathering at the Dallas Arts District location, where Franchisees Jeff and Mindi McClure hosted esteemed guests along with the corporate Celebree management and Viener4Gates IT team. 

From L to R – Arthur Smith, Mindi McClure + Wayne Viener

“This is going to be a beautiful location.  Being in Dallas and seeing the redevelopment of downtown, especially the Arts District illustrates the foresight of the McClure’s in choosing the Arts District location”, commented Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener.

The event showed an outpouring of enthusiasm, with attendees expressing their excitement for the future of Celebree in Dallas. The partnership between Viener4Gates and Celebree symbolizes a commitment to providing world-class educational services backed by outstanding IT.

Arthur Smith of Viener4Gates added, “Mindi McClure’s vision and dedication have played a pivotal role in bringing Celebree to the vibrant city of Dallas, providing a great space for learning, and growth.  This is going to be a flagship location for Celebree and a strong announcement that the Celebree brand is in Texas.”

Mindi McClure

“Congratulations to all involved in making this dream a reality,” said Mason Viener, Senior Vice President at Viener4Gates. “We are delighted to partner with Celebree in bringing their exceptional brand and services to Dallas, and we look forward to empowering families and children in this remarkable community.”

For more information about Celebree’s services and the new Dallas location, please visit us here.


Many companies think that it is just enough to have insurance coverage for cyber incidents in case of emergency. There is more to getting your defenses in proper shape to face the threats.

In today’s digitally-driven world, businesses face a growing threat from cyber incidents. From data breaches and hacking attempts to social media blunders, the consequences of these incidents can be devastating. That’s where insurance coverage for cyber incidents comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key aspects of insurance coverage, including cyber liability, media liability, PCI fines and assessments, and management liability, to help you understand how to safeguard your business against financial loss and reputational damage.

Viener4Gates is here to help you navigate through these threats. If you have questions, please ask us.

  1. Cyber Liability Insurance:

Cyber liability insurance is designed to protect businesses from the financial burden caused by cyber attacks and data breaches. It covers expenses such as legal fees, notification costs, forensic investigations, and even potential third-party claims. Having this coverage ensures that your business can respond swiftly and effectively to a cyber incident without bearing the full financial brunt.

  1. Media Liability Insurance:

In today’s digital age, businesses are heavily reliant on social media platforms and online advertising. However, a simple mistake or an unintentional violation of copyright laws can lead to costly legal battles. Media liability insurance provides coverage for claims arising from defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, and privacy violations. It acts as a safeguard against reputational damage and protects your business from potential lawsuits.

  1. PCI Fines and Assessments:

If your business handles credit card information, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is crucial. In the event of a data breach or non-compliance, your business may face hefty fines and assessments. Insurance coverage for PCI fines and assessments helps mitigate these financial burdens, ensuring that you can recover and resume operations swiftly.

  1. Management Liability for Cyber Incidents:

Management liability insurance covers the legal costs associated with claims against directors and officers of a company due to their alleged negligence or failure to prevent a cyber incident. It protects individuals in positions of authority within your organization and provides financial security for your management team during an incident.


In an era where cyber incidents can cripple businesses and tarnish their reputation overnight, having comprehensive insurance coverage is more important than ever. Cyber liability, media liability, PCI fines and assessments, and management liability insurance offer crucial financial protection against the unforeseen consequences of cyber attacks and data breaches. By investing in these coverage options, you can safeguard your business’s financial health and reputation, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing and thriving in the digital landscape.

Remember, the best approach is to consult with an insurance professional who specializes in cyber insurance to assess your specific needs and tailor a policy that provides optimal coverage for your business. Viener4Gates teams with these professionals to provide you with a comprehensive solution. You need cyber security training, cyber defense products and solid insurance to defend your company.

Viener4Gates brings technology to local governments – June 26, 2023 Ocean City Maryland – Viener4Gates, a leading technology company with deep roots in Maryland, recently made a significant impact at the Maryland Municipal League (MML) conference in Ocean City. The conference served as a prime opportunity for Viener4Gates and their IT security partner, Watchguard, to connect with local governments and showcase their expertise. With Mason Viener, Vice President, Wayne Viener, CEO of Viener4Gates, and Jen Grosso-Brown representing Watchguard, the conference became a platform to emphasize the companies’ commitment to empowering Maryland municipalities through innovative technology solutions. Mason said, “this shows our collaborative efforts to meet the evolving technology needs of local governments”.

Viener4Gates, with its longstanding presence in Maryland since its establishment in 1991, has become an integral part of the local business ecosystem. Attending the MML conference allowed the company to strengthen its relationships with Maryland municipalities by engaging in meaningful conversations and demonstrating its understanding of the region’s specific challenges. The presence of Mason Viener and Wayne Viener, key leaders of Viener4Gates, underscored their personal commitment to fostering partnerships and driving technological advancements within Maryland communities.

Viener4Gates, in collaboration with Watchguard, took the opportunity to showcase their wide range of technology solutions tailored to the needs of local governments. With a focus on IT security, Watchguard’s participation added an extra layer of expertise and reassurance to Viener4Gates’ IT security offerings. Together, they highlighted innovative solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by Maryland municipalities, ranging from data protection and network security to streamlining operational processes and enhancing citizen services.

Watchguard and Viener4Gates were happy to meet the local, regional and state level officials. “Being from Maryland, it was great to reconnect with the local communities and get a chance to chat with Governor Moore”, commented Wayne Viener. Mason chimed in “going to an event like this with Watchguard show the level of commitment we have to making organizations work safely and securely every day”. Overall, Viener4Gates solidified its position as a trusted technology partner for Maryland municipalities. Viener4Gates brings technology to local governments.

Summer Concert at Inverness Brewery – Join us at Inverness Brewery farm and see rising country star Jimmy Charles perform in his home state!

 Viener4Gates is proud to present another community event, this time at Inverness Farms and Brewery near Monkton, just north of Hunt Valley, Maryland. The concert and parking are free. Friday June 9th, the doors open at 5p and the event starts at 7p. On Saturday the 10th, join us for live horse racing and a good time – from 12p to 10p.

“It’s important to celebrate with our team, customers, vendors and the community. Having a Maryland talent like Jimmy and our friends at Inverness coming together is a Maryland celebration,” said Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener.

“Inverness is a great spot to have fantastic beer (brewed onsite), wonderful food trucks, and a natural atmosphere to meet friends and unwind,” chimed in Mason Viener, VP at Viener4Gates.

You can find directions to Inverness here. The brewery is located at 16200 Markoe Rd, Monkton, MD 21111.

Come out and celebrate summer with us this weekend at our “Summer Concert at Inverness Brewery”, because even we get tired of managing network security from time to time.

Live from New York….we attended the International Franchise Association (June 1-3 at the Javits Center in New York). This is a great show that is focused on the global franchise market.

Amongst the rows and rows of booths with representation from companies around the globe, were many fairly new franchises just entering the US market mixed in with well-established brands that are continuing to roll-out in new territories. There was a large variety of QSR’s (quick serve restaurants) from Israel, Korea and Taiwan focusing on one specific menu item (check out the Robert Chicken robot chicken chefs – which drew a big crowd!) as well as many businesses in the construction, education, and personal care industries.

We are focused on the franchise market. Mason Viener leads our team of franchise fit-out experts across our full line of technology based solutions. From cabling installations to PCs to training and with the management to make it all work for you. Viener4Gates is your franchise expert.

looking forward to the 2024 show

Why did we attend?  We are an MSP for IT services and fit outs for franchise businesses.

Want to learn more?  Ask us how we can manage your IT at the speed of business www.viener4gates.com

For those of you who enjoy Twitter but use different apps to do so, these have been a sad few days. By tightening control over the Twitter API, Twitter kills many 3rd party apps. The longer explanation is that Twitter ending support for 3rd party apps means the company has cut off access to their system by 3rd parties. The company halted access through the API (application programming interface). 

For me, my go-to Twitter app was TweetCaster. I have used this to tweet and read tweets for years. Suddenly it stopped working. After a brief bit of research, I realized that Twitter killed TweetCaster. TweetCaster was not the only app affected. Here is another take on the story from SearchEngineJournal.

The app that I use on my desktop, TweetDeck, is still operating. So that is some good news for me.

As you will read in the interview, not only can TweetCaster not connect to Twitter (401 error), TweetCaster was removed from the Google PlayStore.

So many users connect with Twitter through other apps, writing the headline “Twitter Kills 3rd Party Apps” seems like a bad move by Twitter. Twitter has tightened on the use of the API before, but this time it feels more permanent. 

Twitter kills 3rd party apps
Twitter kills 3rd party apps

Here is a Q and A with the very smart and always with it ChatGPT around the situation at Twitter and what it means to be a “public trust”.

Wayne: Why did Twitter cut off 3rd party access?

Twitter cut off access to its API for third-party developers in order to have more control over its platform and to improve the user experience. By limiting access to its API, Twitter can better regulate the types of apps and services that interact with its platform. This ensures that they align with its policies and terms of service. Additionally, it can also better protect user data, and improve the performance and reliability of its services.

Wayne: Why are many users mad that Twitter cut off 3rd party access?

Many users are upset that Twitter cut off access to its API for third-party developers. This limits their ability to customize and enhance their experience on the platform. Third-party apps and services provide a wide range of functionality, including additional features, different ways of viewing and interacting with tweets, and various tools for managing and analyzing social media activity. With these apps, users are able to tailor their Twitter experience to their specific needs and preferences. Many users believe that by cutting off access to its API, Twitter is limiting their ability to use the platform in the way that they want. Overall, making the experience less enjoyable.

Wayne: Many users think of Twitter and media outlets (Fox News, CNN) as a public trust. What are the elements of a public trust relationship?

A public trust relationship is a legal concept in which certain assets, such as land or natural resources, are held in trust by the government for the benefit of the public. The government has a fiduciary duty to manage and protect these assets for the public’s benefit. Citizens have the right to access and use them.

In the context of social media and news outlets, there is a concept of public trust. The idea of a public trust relationship may refer to the responsibility of these organizations to provide accurate and unbiased information to the public. The elements of a public trust in this context could include transparency, accountability, and a commitment to serving the public interest.

Wayne: What were the most popular 3rd party apps for Twitter?

There are many popular third-party apps for Twitter, but some of the most commonly used ones include:

  1. TweetDeck: This app allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts and track specific keywords, hashtags, and mentions all in one place.
  2. Hootsuite: This app is another popular option for managing multiple Twitter accounts and scheduling tweets in advance. It also offers analytics and social media monitoring features.
  3. Buffer: This app is mainly used for scheduling tweets in advance and also has a analytics feature.
  4. Sprout Social: A more advanced tool that allows users to manage their Twitter accounts. It also manages accounts on other social media platforms. Sprout provides analytics, scheduling, and monitoring capabilities.
  5. IFTTT: Short for “If This Then That,” this app allows users to create “recipes” that automate actions across multiple apps and services, including Twitter.
  6. Tweetbot: A popular twitter client app for Mac and iOS. Tweetbot allows users to customize their experience, such as muting specific words, hashtags, and users. It also provides analytics of your account.

Note that these apps are just a few examples, and the popularity of third-party apps for Twitter can change over time.

Wayne:  In specific regard to TweetCaster: it has been removed from the Playstore and access to the Twitter API has been cut-off.  What is the official reason for being removed from the Google Playstore?

I apologize for the confusion, it seems that TweetCaster app has been removed from the Google Playstore and no longer available for download. This could be due to various reasons. A few reasons: the developer discontinuing the app, or it not meeting the store’s guidelines. It’s possible that the app’s developer has chosen to focus on other projects. Or that the app was not able to adapt to changes in Twitter’s API. It is not available any more.

Wayne:  As a follow-up, according to TweetCaster, it is because of the ban on 3rd party apps that connect via the twitter API.

Yes, that is correct. The reason for the discontinuation of the app, as stated by the developer, is because of the changes to Twitter’s API and the limitations placed on third-party apps like TweetCaster. These limitations have greatly reduced the capabilities of third-party apps compared to the official Twitter app. The developer may have decided that it was no longer worth the effort to continue developing the app. They may have taken it down from the app store.

Wayne:  What 3rd party Twitter apps that are similar in function to TweetCaster are still available for download?

There are a few third-party Twitter clients that are still available for download, although they may have limited functionality compared to what was available with TweetCaster. Here are a few examples:

Keep in mind that these apps may have limited functionality compared to the official Twitter app. They may not have all the features available that TweetCaster had. They are also subject to the limitation of the Twitter AP. Note that functionality may change over time. It’s always good to check the app ratings and reviews before downloading.Wayne Viener is the CEO of Viener Consulting, Inc. (Viener4Gates) and leverages Twitter in his work with TerpTalk.com as he covers the Maryland Terrapins.

Viener Consulting helps you to prevent Cyber Crime. Part of our everyday job is to “make your company work” and keeping your computers, data and business safe is at the top of our list.

The benefits of a strong security plan are many, starting with letting you sleep better at night.  A direct plus is being ready for the cyber security audit that catch many companies flat footed. 

Here are some of the steps that every basic Cyber Security plan should take into account to prevent Cyber Crime:

  1. Use strong, unique passwords for all accounts and devices, and update them regularly.
  2. Keep software and operating systems up to date with the latest security patches and updates.
  3. Use anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect against known threats.
  4. Use a firewall to protect your network and data from unauthorized access.
  5. Train employees on good cyber security practices, including how to recognize and avoid phishing scams.
  6. Regularly backup important data and store it in a secure location.
  7. Be aware of common cyber threats and stay informed about the latest security trends and best practices.
  8. Implement access controls, such as multi-factor authentication, to limit who has access to sensitive information.
  9. Regularly conduct security assessments and audits to identify vulnerabilities and take steps to mitigate them.
  10. Have a plan in place for responding to security incidents, including identifying and containing the problem, notifying authorities, and restoring normal operations.

Our outsourced CIO services are a key in setting the defensive strategy. Years of experience and a keen eye to current attack trends keep your team safe. Viener4Gates can help you set up plans to reinforce your cyber security plans. Call or email today for a free consultation. (301.251.2900 or sales@viener4gates.com)

Kicking off the Holiday season in style, Viener4Gates sponsored the National Children’s Hospital event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown on November 30, 2022.

“With our commitment to children and early childhood development, helping Children’s Hospital meet their fund raising goals in a natural fit”, said Viener4Gates VP Mason Viener.  He continues, “this commitment echoes what our corporate partner Celebree does and continues to provide in charitable giving.”

Ringing in the Season with Children’s Hospital

Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener added “it was a great event to work with our partners and customers.  Kate Mulcahy is one of the chairs of the event.  The work that they do with children at the Tysons Corner Celebree location is amazing.”  Wayne added, “Of course with Celebree Schools as the name sponsor, that just adds to the Celebree commitment to childhood health and wellness.”

Viener4Gates was a key sponsor to the Celebree led effort with the neonatal care unit of Franklin Square Hospital in October.

About Children’s National – Children’s National is ranked #5 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. We’re ranked #1 for newborns in the United States and we’re the best pediatric hospital for neurology and neurosurgery in the Mid-Atlantic.

Lacrosse is Maryland’s sport and Viener4Gates supports Maryland Lacrosse.  Viener4Gates and the Babe Ruth Museum are celebrating the University of Maryland’s National Championship in Men’s Lacrosse.  Come see two-time national champion John Tillman and five-time national champion Cathy Reese (Women’s Lax) for an evening of celebration at the Rolling Road Golf Club in Catonsville on Dec 1st, 2022. 

Wayne Viener, John Tillman + TerpTalk Founder Bruce Posner

“The 2022 Maryland men’s team is the best team that I have ever covered”, explained Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener.  Along with being the founder of Viener4Gates, Wayne covers the team in his role with TerpTalk.  “One of the great things about the Maryland lax program is that John Tillman is a master recruiter and motivator.  I have joked with Tills (Coach Tillman) that I want to help write his management book.  No one in sports is better at putting a team together.”

Mason Viener, the Vice President of Viener4Gates and the TerpTalk lacrosse expert, added “Cathy Reese and John Tillman are the pinnacle of coaching lacrosse.  They have both built exceptional programs and are the recognized leaders in their field.  You won’t find a more powerful example of how to achieve and maintain success then these two all-time greats.”

Viener4Gates is proud to help “get the Maryland fans in touch with their coaches and teams” said Wayne.  “I am a Maryland Terrapin and we embrace the ability to host events like this with the Babe Ruth Museum” he concluded. 

This is the second event that Viener4Gates has hosted with the Babe Ruth Museum.  A few months ago we hosted “An Evening with Maryland Basketball” featuring Men’s Basketball coach Kevin Willard and Women’s Basketball coach Brenda Frese.  The event was an overwhelming success.  We look forward to our return to Rolling Road. 

Space at the event is limited.  Make your reservations today. 

Viener4Gates helps to make your company work with outstanding customer service for your IT needs.