Helping MedStar’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Viener4Gates gives back to the community. The company helps to raise over $50,000 for MedStar Hospital as the lead sponsor at Celebree’s annual golf tournament.

Mason loves giving back to the community.  He got his chance with the annual Celebree golf tournament sponsoring the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at MedStar Franklin Square in Baltimore.  Mason is the Vice President of Viener4Gates and he leads the franchise fit out group for the company. 

Wayne Viener, Richie Huffman (CEO Celebree)+ Mason Viener

Viener4Gates CEO Wayne Viener commented, “Mason has aligned our sponsorship for the event.  He brings the vendors together, like Nextiva and Watchguard, to help meet the fundraising goals. We are proud that Viener4Gates gives back to the community.”

Sam Commadari, the marketing events management with Celebree said “The charitable contributions and hands-on involvement from our lead sponsor, Viener4Gates, is what makes events like these possible. We can’t thank them enough for their continued partnership and the many positive impacts they have had on the MedStar Franklin Square NICU”. This is the 2nd year that Viener4Gates has been the name sponsor of the tournament.

“I love being part of the Celebree team”, said Mason.  He continues, “We know that the funds that we raise go to help infants, it makes the effort special”.