How Cyber Attacks Happen

Our partner, Datto, put together a tour of how cybercriminals work.  The report briefly goes over planning the attack, dropping the infected payload and so on.  It’s an informative and quick read. Take a look here.


The costs of cybercrime reach far beyond the ransoms paid. It encompasses the costs of the damage and destruction of data, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, and not to mention reputational harm. You need to defend your company. 

With cybercrime costing businesses roughly $6 trillion a year and heading towards $10.5 trillion according to CyberCrime magazine. The average payout estimated to be $200,000 for each attack, it is easy to understand why the business of being a hacker has become so appealing and lucrative.

Datto is our go to partner for backing up and restoring data for your files servers.  If you are a customer of Viener4Gates, you most likely are using Datto. 

All of the defenses that we have pointed out in the blogs and on the website are part of the Viener4Gates plan that “Defense Wins Championships”.  Our aim is that you and your company do not become a member of the “I have been hacked” club. 

Here is the Defensive game plan –

  1. Have a solid and tested Business Continuity Plan and that centers around being able to backup and restore data over a range of dates.  This includes your files servers, Office365 and your Saas vendors.
  2. Take security training seriously.
  3. Keep your PC defenses up to date.  Make sure that you have reliable anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-virus. 
  4. Keep you PC patched to the latest (reasonable) Microsoft patches.
  5. Have a security officer that reviews and updates your firewalls, access points and other Internet devices.
  6. Leverage a 2FA (2 factor authentication) platform such as Duo.
  7. Don’t let unpatched or unauthorized users onto your network.
  8. Do not share your credentials.
  9. Purchase cyber security insurance. 

No plan is foolproof, the criminals are trying harder every day to break into systems.  Your data is worth money to someone.  Even if it is just stealing your credit card, let alone data on every customer you have. Figuring out how cybercriminals work is part of the battle, being ready for them is the key.

Protect your business and yourself with cyber security defenses from Viener4Gates.