Nextiva Ranked #1 VoIP Provider

We are proud partners with Nextiva.  Nextiva is the Viener4Gates choice for phone systems.  We always keep our eyes up for news in the VoIP sector, and here is the news of the day – Nextiva ranked #1 VoIP provider. It is always refreshing to see the Nextiva is ranked #1 again with US News and World Report. 

From US News and World ReportNextiva ties for the No. 1 spot in both our rating of the Best Business Phone Systems of 2022 and our Best VoIP Business Phone Systems of 2022. The company’s cloud-based phone system offers many features large and small businesses need in all of its plans.

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Voice over IP (VoIP) is the way to go with a phone system.  VoIP is part of the “work from anywhere” style of today’s business. VoIP type of communication systems can use your existing network cabling, Wi-Fi and in some cases your existing cell phone to build the most effective, efficient, and flexible phone system.  A new VoIP system usually saves you hundreds of dollars a month over a traditional system. 

Choose from traditional phone handsets, our very popular softphone option (use your computer as your phone), cordless Voip phones (pictured above) or even using your existing cell phone as a desk phone – it is all very affordable with Viener4Gates and Nextiva.

Why does Nextiva rank so highly?  From our point of view, it is quality of product, tech support and the ability to execute on new ideas. 

“To see that phrase, ‘Nextiva ranked #1 VoIP provider’ again” – says Viener4Gates Mason Viener, “it is just natural. Nextiva gives us a great platform for telephony and is a great value to our customers”.

Viener4Gates specializes in pre-sales, consulting, installations and configurations of Nextiva systems. Our team handles the entire transaction, moving your phone numbers, assisting you with digital faxes and, of course, training and then supporting your company with Nextiva.

Contact us for more information, we offer free VoIP reviews for your business and the network know how to implement the system.  Viener4Gates makes your company work.