IT “Fit Out” Services by Viener4Gates

When you are putting a construction project together or a large system replacement (like a phone system), you often need a source that can tie all the loose ends together.  That is called “Fit Out” and Viener4gates is expert at “Fit Outs” for IT. 

Here are a few more definitions –

What is the meaning of interior Fit Out?

‘Fit out’ is a term used to describe the process of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. It is often used in relation to office developments, where the base construction is completed by the developer, and the final fit out by the occupant.

or –

Fit Out for Shipbuilding

Fitting out, or outfitting, is the process in shipbuilding that follows the float-out/launching of a vessel and precedes sea trials. It is the period when all the remaining construction of the ship is completed and readied for delivery to her owners.

Our “Fit Out” services are a bit different, in that they deal with the computers, phone, camera system, security system and network cabling. 

Getting you and your system ready to go is a bit like a sea trial in the explanation above.  We are going to test the systems, make sure it all fits and works.  And when things go wrong, get the situation fixed as quickly as possible.

Here is a short list of what Viener is engaged to do: get the computers into place, change out the phone handsets, make sure that your staff is trained, work with the building security to make sure the door access is correct and get the monitors installed on the wall.   Its all the little things that make the office ready to work.  From cabling to security and more.

Fitting Out a Celebree School in Henrico VA

“Business owners have too much on their plate already,” says Mason Viener, VP at Viener4Gates (pictured above, center). He continues, “You need to have someone with your project who knows how all the parts fit together, what the expectations are and how to make it all work.  That is where we come in.”

Fit Out Services aligns perfectly with our motto – “We make your company work”.  Moving into a new space or installing a major system is a situation where everyone needs a hand to get rolling in the right direction.  Our expert Project Managers are here to help.  Viener4gates is expert at “Fit Outs” for IT